Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A R T by Michaela White

Artist Statement

In my honors art class this year at Chillicothe High School, I have done some work that has turned out quite well. Along with regular art assignments, I have an on going collection of concentration pieces that will all go together at the end of the year. It has been a busy year and I have really enjoyed working in my class.

My main concentration has been hands. I chose to use hands as my focal point because i feel like you can do a lot of different things with such a simple body part. My first piece of the year using hands was the painting of hands making a heart. In my art class last year, I did a similar picture but with oil pastels. This year I used acrylic paint and canvas.

I try to send a message with my hand concentration pieces. My next concentration piece I made was a hand making a peace sign. I decided to use a different color scheme when I painted this because I wanted to portray a darker side to peace. Instead of loud vibrant colors, I used black, gray, and white acrylic paint for the hand, and a warm red and cool blue for the back round for a Tye dye affect.

One of my most recent concentration pieces are of hands praying with a string of beads hanging from the hands. I decided to make the beads similar to a rosary but changed what would be a cross to a band logo. My goal of this drawing was to take the meaning of believing in something.

My last concentration piece was a water color painting of a hand holding the world. I used different colors for the hand and back round to give it an animated feel. I really like how simple it is and the color of the hand to the back round really makes it stand out.

My favorite projects have been a drawing of a person using all words, (picture will be up soon) and my last painting pictured on this page. The black and white painting was portraying light. It is a very simple painting and concept, and I really like simple.

 I have a love for art that i will always have. Knowing that I can create something that means something and you can keep it forever is truly amazing.